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SITHFAB201 Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol and
SITHGAM201 Provide Responsible Gambling Services Package

Ground Floor, Suite 1, 11 Parkes Road, Parramatta

Nationally Recognised Training

OLGR Approved Training Provider #CCR10000169

RSA: SITHFAB201 Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol

The NSW liquor laws mandate responsible service of alcohol training for the liquor industry.

These requirements reflect the importance of ensuring licensees and staff understand their obligations in serving liquor responsibly and the types of strategies that can be implemented to add value to a venue’s operations.

This photo card must be retained when working on any licensed premises.

RCG: SITHGAM201 Responsible Conduct of Gambling

The Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG) - SITHGAM201 competency is the foundation for mandatory training on responsible gambling for new hoteliers, secretary managers and gaming-related staff.

It is a requirement of the Gaming Machines Act 2001 for proposed hoteliers, secretary managers and staff who will have gaming machine related functions to have completed the NSW Responsible Conduct of Gambling course (RCG).

This course is conducted over a minimum of six hours. There are no exemptions from this course.

RCG training undertaken interstate is not recognised in NSW.

Cost $229

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Prior Knowledge

No prior knowledge is required. 

RSA Course Times

Our classes run from 8.45am to 3.15pm and 4pm to 10:30pm.  We run classes every week of the year.  Our classes start promptly so do not be late!  We will not allow entry if you are more than 15 minutes late and you will need to re-book and pay again for another class.

Where do I go to attend the course?

CBD training rooms in Parramatta are located on the Ground Floor, Suite 1, 11 Parkes Road, Parramatta.

What do I bring?

Candidates must bring one form of original photo ID on the day of the course (passport, Australian Drivers License or RTA Proof of Age Card).

How will I be assessed?

You will be assessed by written questions and role plays.

Cancellation policy

We are unable to refund monies for students who do not turn up for classes or decide at a later date after booking that that they do not want to attend. Changes to class times are allowed, but not within 48 hours of the class commencing.

RSA/RCG - Parramatta Enrolment

Book online to reserve your seat/spot for this course.

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